Good Experience
(Based on a true story)

      Walking around the cruise, my cousin and I walked into the Sephora store.

“Oh my god, Liana, look at this beautiful lipgloss,”Neeka, her cousin, laughed.

“We totally have to get this La Via Belle perfume too,” Neeka whispered.
Suddenly , we felt our legs shaking so hard that we couldn’t stand anymore.
Nervous, my heart thumped in my chest.

Neeka cried, “Let’s go to our room where our parents are.”

At that exact moment that we were talking, a “Wooooooo, wooooooo, wooooooo” floated through the air. Running up to the top of the deck to see what happend , we saw the ocean getting wild, the waves looked like sharks  attacking the ship. Rolling from side to side, the ship rolled us around.

“Look Liana, Grandma Tana is there, cried Neeka.

I saw Neeka’s legs trembling, my face was white as a polar bear;  with our terrified faces, we ran to our grandmother.

“Are you guys okay?”Grandma whispered.

“I came out of our room to look for you guys,” cried Grandma.  

After we saw our grandma, we ran to our parents so fast; it felt like my legs were controlling me. Standing in our room, my parents seemed kind of scared too.

“Hi sweetheart, are you okay?,my mother sobbed.

“I’m good, mom, thanks for asking. I was really worried about you guys.” I responded.

Nexts my dad came out of the other room and he looked really scared.

“Are you okay dad?” I asked.

“I’m good pumpkin, I guess I’m just a little sea sick,” my dad responded.

Then we all felt a huge wave under the ship, it was so large that the ship

literally jumped up into the sky. I felt a very tight knot in my stomach, like I just

wanted to cry and cry. After a couple hours, the ocean waves were slowing down and

getting slower and calmer, so the ship also stopped moving so fast. “Finally, the storm
is gone,”  Neeka sighed in relief, and we all laughed. After all, it was a good

experience, and it still was the best day of my life.

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