Acrostic Poem

Freak has a disease that prevents him from growing.
Reading the dictionary is Freak's favorite thing to do.
Entering Loretta and Iggy's house was a mistake.
After going to the 4th of July celebration Max and Freak learned to be more careful from Tony.D.
Kicking other kids was wrong of Max to do.

Talking to Freak was good for Max because he got more knowledge.
Half of Freak and Max's time was to do missions.
Earthling is what Freak called Max.

Maxwell is what Grim calls for Max.
Iggy Lee is Max's father's friend.
Gram and Grim are Max's grandparents.
Hospital is where Freak went after choking on food.
The Fair Gwen is Freak's mom.
Yonder is a place that always lies over the next horizon.

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